This Light

| May 31, 2010

/ Honestly

There’s a million things that I would say

But it’s not way

To get between what’s happening /

/ And what’s happening

Is that I don’t get what’s happening

Cause it’s like a dream

And if I were me I’d dive right in /

/ I’d take a swim

Freestyle across that coral reef

Invite you in

Have you ever seen the colors of insanity? /

/ I think you have

And I think you like it

But it’s been so long

That you’d deny it

It’s just about time /

/ So I guess we’re on our way… /

/ Honestly

I don’t know too much about your honesty

Between your eyes, your words, your lips, your hips,

It’s hard to see

straight to what your heart is trying to

scream at me /

/ I think it’s time

Give in and try it

Get off the train

It’s time to fly out

Let yourself explode /

/ Cause I think you need this light /

////This light////

/ Honestly

All I know is all I need

And all I need

Is you and me and this guitar beat /

/ I’ll set you free

If you promise me to stand by me

Lie close to me

Let me feel your heat inside me /

/ Burn in me

And I promise I’ll grow

Without losing my child /

/ I promise laughter will not scarce

I’ll hold you now I know you’re scared

Let yourself explode

And you’ll never leave this light /

//// This light ///

by Hector Millan

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Héctor Alfredo Millán : Siervo de Dios, enamorado, músico, poeta aficionado, Contable, Estudiante de Maestría en Consejería, Fundador y Director de para servirle. Hablemos:

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